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  1. Site Issues Help
    I have a 2007 GSXR-600, was working fine until today. Display won't come on, and I no longer have any break lights. I still have headlight that works. And the bike still runs, what is causing this and how do I fix this. Thanks.
  2. Front Page
    Hello everyone. Im new to the forum but in need of help. I am building/modifying a 1982 Suzuki gs850G. I have done a lot of modifications and now I am on to replacing a lot of the original wiring, and replacing the old lighting, signals and "dash/HUD". Now electrical is not my forte but I am...
  3. GSX-R 600/750
    2003 Suzuki Gxsr 600. (RR is on the left side rear) as soon as the key is turned to accessory , the main fuse blows . Hey guys, I’ve been through all the forums about this issue and I’ve seen that all lead to the RR. Heres the thing, the rr connects to a plug, and that plug connects to the...
1-3 of 3 Results