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  1. B-King, Bandit, Gladius, SV & GZ
    Hey all bought my 5th suzuki as a theft recovery and had some questions the dealer technician was unable to answer and I thought that I would post it on here if someone had come across the same issue. Ignition wires were cut on a salvage 2009 1250 Bandit that I purchased so I rewired the...
  2. Mechanical Tips & Tricks
    Hey, found my father's old Suzuki A95 from the back of the garage and starting to fix it up. The engine is working but there are some problems with it. My father says the petcock isn't working and the engine needs some basic maintenance. I've also noticed the electronics are messed as the wires...
  3. General Bike Discussion
    I inherited a track bike that I've been fixing up and this wire has previously been taped up like this. Not sure what this was connected to or what it does. Can use some help. Bike runs fine and nothing seems wrong. Thank you!
  4. Front Page
    Hello everyone. Im new to the forum but in need of help. I am building/modifying a 1982 Suzuki gs850G. I have done a lot of modifications and now I am on to replacing a lot of the original wiring, and replacing the old lighting, signals and "dash/HUD". Now electrical is not my forte but I am...
  5. General Bike Discussion
    hey guys i recently bought a go kart and i know this is not a go kart forum but my issue is with the engine in my go kart. it has a 1990 suzuki gn250 engine in it and its been well serviced and is running sweet as and the thing goes hard however there is a knocking noise at idle and in 2nd gear...
1-5 of 5 Results