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Cool vids...

I like the superdukes personally better myslef.
I have a friend who is a factory sponsored stuntrider for KTM and I hope he gets a superduke or one of these bikes next! He already has a 250SMR that they gave him a while back, and I would love to see him on a big bike cuz he absolutely crushes his 600RR when he rides it...

I'll put a link up to his youtube chanell in the stunting vid thread. He mounted up a rear brake lever on the radiator of his 600RR so he can do: no-handed, high chair, circle wheelies...

I know we may have different riding styles and or likes....but you just got to admit... that's sick!

Kinda like the superduke is more of a streetfighter-ish look, and I do admittedly stunt primarily also,so that could be why I like it better.

I'm glad I got to see those vids though, because the second one the guy was actually powering it up off the corners like my Mille, not clutching it....that's awesome!
But did you notice the long pause after the guy says it handles better than a ducati on the first vid? LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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