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520 Kit

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So, thinking of puttng on the 520 kit on my K6 1K. Probably the -1 in the front or +2 in the rear....happy median, we have some wide open country here in NM, nothing there for a long way, so like to wind it out every once in awhile, so was thinking just a -1 in the front....

so, thoughts? also, rivet or link in the chain? never had a problem with links before, even during my racing days and used both before
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sounds good, corey aka motomummy posted a thread that should answer alot of your questions about this...ill look for the link

I did a -1 front sprocket in my 04 r1 and it was perfect for what your describing...a bit more accel for the twisties and still a decent top end for the straights

i ended up going to a 15 tooth front tho(-2) cause i love the acceleration i get leaving a corner, plus i rarely get past 165 anyways...I can pretty much destroy all bikes around up to 165mph, well unless im against a tricked out turbo busa or something:lol

i plan on picking up a new 520 conversion kit for my bike soon from motomummy... it will be the -1/+2 combo, screw topend:lol
If you want top end and a good boost on the bottom end I would highly recommend the -1 on a gsxr 1000 bike.

Use a rivet link only. Much safer in the long run and lots less change of a problem coming up. In fact we don't sell clip links and two of the manufacturers of sprockets we buy from no longer will sell them either out of safety concerns.
i was on your site corey, maybe you can hook me up, which combination of chain and sprockets...
I love the driven sprockets. As for the chains I like the rk and ek as they are strong chains and priced well. The ERV3 is popular, but also the weakest chain we sell, most expensive 520 chain, and isn't recommended for a 1000cc bike from DID. ek or rk are both great in my opinion.
driven -1 and the rk chain setup is what I went with.... all from cory btw even the wheels....

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2cAnnons said:
driven -1 and the rk chain setup is what I went with.... all from cory btw even the wheels....

I have the same combo... I love it.
looks damn good 2cannons. Driven sprockets have surely picked up. Within a year of adding them they are now our best seller. No issues quality wise with them either. On the west coast where Driven is located I know that their sprockets take up damn near every spot on the podium every race day...
I'm running +4 with a 190/55 rear and love it. It's about equal to + 3 on a 190/50.
plastic believe it or not but about 85% of all the chain kits we sell for the 1000cc bikes are 520's and the manufacturers tell us about the same. Technology has just came so far that they last a damn long time unless you wheelie/stunt, or have a turbo/nitrous. Nothing wrong with 530 though as it will last a little longer then a 520 setup if they are both taken care of the same. I average about 10-14k miles out of a 520 setup but i beat the piss out of it if I ride my bikes. No real commuting or putting around. I just replace it every year also. Cheaper then tires so why not...rather play it safe.
Yeah I know the majority of people run 520s, I stretched a couple on my R6 and I'm not even a stunter.
So I figured i'd stay with the 530 on the 1K just in case. I'm not a bit wheelie person but occasionally I'll pull the front up with the throttle.
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i got my 520 from corey aswell black sprockets gold chain i did a -1/+1 on mine, but due to a decent increase in rwhp i will be changing to a 530 chain this summer, and ill have to make sure its a good one because next winter are the last round of motor mods im doing and no 520 is going to like that, hell what ive got now is right at the edge of using a 520, but ill be going with the driven ones and back with corey again to get them when i do.
I've run DID ERV3/ERV2 520 chains and AFAM sprockets on all my liter bikes. I'm currently running -1/+2 on my '05 1K.
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mel if you're going with a high hp set up i would do the driven sprockets and the ek zzz 530 chain. Strongest 530 chain on the market and if you can damage that with some hard riding then you're my hero
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motomummy said:
Use a rivet link only. Much safer in the long run and lots less change of a problem coming up. In fact we don't sell clip links and two of the manufacturers of sprockets we buy from no longer will sell them either out of safety concerns.
I find this statement really odd considering a friend of mine received the Driven/Ek kit from you a week ago with a clipped master in that pretty little orange box?????? NO RIVET LINK IN THE BOX... Order was for an 02 Rc51 gold chain with black driven sprocket.........

Care to reiterate any safety liability you'd be responsible for??
Also can you post a phone number and address since your middle manning all this stuff out???
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liability? you realize the manufacturer sells them as says they are safe and it's my opinion they are not and every chain kit we sell should have a rivet link. ek did a bad batch got clip links in some black ek chains of ours and if people contact us we'll swap them out, but your friend has not contacted us and he wants to install it with a clip link that is on him. Should it be in his kit? nope. But if he wants to install it then that's on him or he can choose to contact us and swap it out. His call....

Also our phone number and address are on his sale receipt and if he wants to contact us there is a link right on the top of our website that says "contact us".

Up to him if he wants to install it or not, but all of our kits come with a rivet link unless a manufacturer puts the wrong one in...The liability is purely on him if he wants to install it. Hard to say "i should have got a rivet link and i wanted one, but i couldn't tell the difference so i just installed this one instead".

Also if you read above there is less change for problems because people can easily install a clip link wrong, but installed correctly there shouldn't be any issues, but there is more chance of an installation issue with a clip link compared to rivet link. If you want to prove legally that ek is unsafe and there are liability issues then go for it, but if you read what i posted above and your quote you'll see there is less chance for problems (due to installation normally), and we don't sell them because i don't think they are worth the risk. Tell your buddy to contact us is all he has to do
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