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(otherwise known as pimp your sponsor) :biggrin

In all seriousness though I appreciate everything sponsors do and fell strongly that we need to support them. Whether it's a site sponsor or a company sponsoring local racers...these guys support the community and deserve our support in return.

Also, this information is a good rule of thumb for people looking to get sponsored at anything at all, not just motorcycle racing.

So I was sponsored last year by RaceTech Suspension. They gave me a little discount and some tech. help. The product worked very well and once the bike was set up well we rocked. I always spoke well of RaceTech and tried not to speak down about their competition. I also befriended some racers from out of state who ran their product.

So I call this year to work out a deal and as we begin discussing things names start popping up of guys I know from out of state who have gone on to race successfully in the AMA and are riding for RaceTech. Pretty soon the deal blows up into a huge opportunity to represent their company and get technical help and service from Lenny, RaceTechs AMA tuner. YA!!!!!!

I mentioned the AMA round at Miller and Lenny said he would be here working with Corona Honda among other Teams so I volunteered to be his slave for the weekend. He jumped on white slavery so fast it was scarey. I cannot believe I will get a chance to work in the pro garage with a suspension tuner, this is a wet dream come true.

Moral of the story:

Always pimp your sponsors
Always volunteer to help
Never talk smack on manufacturers
Never talk smack on other racers

You never know who's going to butter your bread down the road....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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