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4literranger485 said:
just ordered up some protective gear for the tard

case protectors
footpeg sliders
bar end sliders
"Tard"??!! How many bikes you got now, boy?

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Zippy said:
"Tard"??!! How many bikes you got now, boy?
too many, wanna buy one?

SoCalRider said:
damn steve that is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want a review on the power, cuz the last drz400 i rode i wasnt pleased with.

looks like fun!!

FMF pipe or Pro Circuit?
Dude brah, it's gonna be the MRD pipe on this bad boy. Apparently thats what all the cool kids run. You can call and get them to custom lengths and DB levels, and if any part fails (even crash) they fix it. cheaper than the yosh exhaust too!

She scoots right now, i'm getting the durable parts now, and I'll have enough to get the exhaust system, rejet, and airbox mod when i get back from america. all those "in the know" say the jet kit really livens them up!

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I've had an '03 Katana 750 since 2008. I bought an '01 in the spring to use as a parts bike but it seemed to run and sound better than my '03 so I flipped it. The '03 is now my parts bike.

I've added:
Denali Sound Bomb
Denali Power System
Heated grips
USB charge ports with voltage meter
2nd set of winter tires
LED headlights
Bark Busters for winter
58L Givi top case
48L side cases (with custom mounting racks)
Interior lighting for all 3 cases (Ignore the pinched wire in the photo, that's been corrected)
Power cord for heated helmet
Coming soon; backup lights (for the dark winter mornings and evenings), custom decals in the spring.

The carbs have received the GSXR jet kit. From what I understand the jets and exhaust are the only difference between the Katana 750 and the GSXR 750.

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