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What would a GSXR forum be without a thread dedicated to showing off your ride and telling us about your modifications? Well you happen to be in luck, because here it is. Post them up!

I'll start it off:

2006 GSXR 1000


Racefit Growler Exhaust, Gilles Rearsets, Pazzo shorty levers, Puig double bubble, Woodcraft clip ons, Driven grips, Motivation USA frame sliders, Galespeed Typer R wheels, Driven Sprokets (17-45 Gearing), DID ZMV 530 Chain, Speed Research carbon fiber exhaust hanger, Suzuki gel seat, Cheetah Race tail and a custom brake light installed from wrecking at the track. Haha.

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a pic from last year and another what she looks like now im waiting for parts and lots of them

mods: Full Leo Vince cf exhaust, Dynojet Pc3, Bmc Race filter, Factory Pro V-stacks, custom tune, switchable TRE, R1 throttle mod,Scotts steering stabelizer, Spiegler ss clutch line, Goodridge ss brake lines, Carbone Lorraine SBK3 brake pads (front only), ATE super blue brake fluid in brake and clutch, DID ZVM2 gold and black chain, black Sprocket Specialists Rear Sprocket, black Gilles rearsets, Driven grips, Motovation frame Sliders and spools, Michelin pp 2ct, black Stompgrip, MotoWizard Preload Adjusters, puig light tint screen, custom chopped and painted chainguard+ hugger, HID low beam, PIAA high beam, Tinted turn signals and tail light, orange wheel stripe, alcantara seat, Pitbull stand+ lift

Its nickname: 1098s killer :flip


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Plastic Cup Politics said:
rebuild or what? keep us updated as you progress!
were you talking about mine????? NO rebuild i just love to tinker with stuff and it teaches me alot taking my bike this far apart. i hope to have it back togheter for motomummys contest since thats where most my money goes anyways :biggrin
I am not a great photographer so this is the best i can come up with

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FakeSnowSucks said:
Those were good pics. I think this one could have been an awesome pic if you would have moved the helmet out of the pic stepped back/zoomed out a bit.
yeah i didnt think about the helmet and if would have stepped back further all u would have seen is wall since im not tall enough
brent said:
hey how hard were the tank grips to put on
no problem at all just take your time and think before the install
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