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About Your Bike...

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What would a GSXR forum be without a thread dedicated to showing off your ride and telling us about your modifications? Well you happen to be in luck, because here it is. Post them up!

I'll start it off:

2006 GSXR 1000


Racefit Growler Exhaust, Gilles Rearsets, Pazzo shorty levers, Puig double bubble, Woodcraft clip ons, Driven grips, Motivation USA frame sliders, Galespeed Typer R wheels, Driven Sprokets (17-45 Gearing), DID ZMV 530 Chain, Speed Research carbon fiber exhaust hanger, Suzuki gel seat, Cheetah Race tail and a custom brake light installed from wrecking at the track. Haha.

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rebuild or what? keep us updated as you progress!
they are cheap and easy to replace parts on.
I did alot of research before buying them. I WAS going to get Sato or Gilles, Corey told me to stick with Vortex if I'm on the track alot, or plan to be. They are great for me. Alot nicer than I expected.
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silversv1k said:
no i am getting vortex too, ur
cause they arent in the pic
yeah, I'll take current pics this weekend. She isn't as pretty anymore since her meeting with the track surface.

But I'll post new pics this weekend.
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It's all good, I like using it for it's purpose. It's not a show bike.
So she can be a little beat up. As long as I can still go drag my knee at the track I'm a happy camper.
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The only thing I really need to do is paint the race tail, everything else is not noticeable.
Dan, I'll do the honors of moving it for you, I need something to do anyway.
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haha, well actually I'm not even sure where to move it to yet.
we don't have a other makes section.
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Mr. Pain said:
Here's a couple pic's of my buddys K4 1000. What do ya think?
I'll take it if he doesn't want it.
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Here's a pic of my bike as of last weekend.

It shows all the newer stuff that my original pictures don't.

Race tail due to crash, Vortex Rear sets, Speed research exhaust bracket, no passenger pegs, (obviously) clip ons, etc..

I'll have some better quality pics that show everything a little better in the near future, just need to get the tail painted and finish a few things here and there.


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Mphis Style said:
James we need a money tree
yes we do.
we've already got one of these threads in each section, it is titled "about your bike" I will move this thread in with the other.
Here's my baby...
mine used to look exactly like that.
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Fukucacheme said:
how's that James, Stock and not banged up?
Stock yes...
Mine isn't banged up anymore, just needs the tail painted.
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^ When you get a chance can you toss me some of that money falling out of your ass?
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mpdgsxr1000 said:
$15,000 will get me a carbon fiber frame

That is going to be a very nasty bike on the street and track... You could pull up to the newer 1Ks and they would never see it coming.
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dj life said:
Ok i just have 3 pics as of right now. She is finally home and just need to get her on the track.....

Info... AMA SuperStock that was raced in Superbike
Last race was mid-ohio 06

Rider was Jake Holden. Now he's with Team Corona Honda
Ever ride that thing on the street?
How did you get your hand on that? Had to be quite the pricey toy...

Holden was doing pretty good in the superstock race on that Honda last weekend
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dj life said:
Not yet but i will a little to scrub some fresh tires in.

I work for one of the team managers from Jordon Suzuki


And yea, i thought he had alot of talent but i guess they wanted to try Geoff out and see what he had
That's pretty crazy, you work at a dealership or what?

That thing has got to be a blast to ride!
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