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I am interested in some GSX-R 1000 a 2009 LE and a 2014 LE , as well as in a 2017 ZX-10R !

A 2009 GSX-R 1000 limited edition made by some dealers , a pre SERT Replica ( the official'one was in 2013) with 20000 miles 32000km , excellent condition , Akrapovic 4 in 1 full exhaust Racing system , put on a Dyno bench and ECU flashed after the 4 in 1 fulllexhaust system was installed , OZ magnesium rims/ wheels and some M50 brembo calipers , as well as Ohlins springs in the fork whereas at first the guy had told me it was a full Ohlins fork, so i am disapointed as i was interested in it for all these upgrades , including the Ohlins fork , at the price he was asling; 8500 euros ( knowing he only proposes to reduce the price by 500 euros because there is no Ohlins fork but only Ohlins springs ) !
Other than the upgrades i specify above and a few stickers on the front fairing to make it look different than the stock 2009 blue and white one, it is the 2009 stock one in blue and white .

And i was about to buy the 1 of 24 made ( n# 11 ) Voltcom WSBK World Superbike 2014 limited edition , with special paint / color scheme , supposedly the same as the one of the team Voltcom , based on a 2014 stock GSX-R 1000 but with a Yoshimura full exhaust Racing system with R-77 J titanium muffler ( i would have preferred the carbon one but ...) , excellent condition like new , 3 rd owner , with only 7500 miles /12000 km for 10250 euros but i got a flooding in my basement about 10 days ago , with 50cm of water , so no water at all for several days , and now, only cold water but no hot water , nor heater for several other days and still don't , so i spent the whole previous week phoning insurance, expert , plumbers , heating specialists ...etc to try to have all that repaired , knowing the gaz boiler / heater was replaced only a year ago after an even bigger flooding !
So i phoned the seller in the middle of last week to tell him i was busy with that but would call him this week end to see how to organize to buy his bike and we agreed about it but in between another guy phoned him to buy the bike , so he left a message on the answering machine of my home phone, on which i never get the messages , to ask me if i was still interested but i did not get it and when i phoned him yesterday , he told me the bike was sold as i did not phone him back as i did not get his message ! Ggrrrrrrrrr !

i found another one for sale ( n# 3 ) , 1st owner , only 2000 miles / 3000 km on it , like new but the guy wants 15500 euros for it , so i phoned him and told him i just missed the same but with 7500 miles/12000 km and 1/3rd of the price cheaper than his and told him i would be interested in his if we can agree on a price , so he should call me back later today and maybe propose a better price although the difference of price between both is big for just 6000 Miles / 9000 km more .

In another hand , i am also proposed the 2017 ZX-10R who was owned by my chief of workshop ( bought new in the Kawasaki dealer shop'where he is also the boss ) , excellent condition , less than 6000 miles on it , would be serviced before the purchase , with 2 or 3 months warranty , with a special Jonathan Réa paint scheme ( 2017 paint scheme with some more stickers added to look like the one of Jonathan Réa ) , that he had sold for a year or two to one of his good customers ( but who barely rode with it ) , who sells it now in their shop'as he just bought them the new 2021 ZX-10R model instead .

it has a few upgrades like Ohlins springs , a special chip like in GP to remove the ABS totaly , a different saddle + back saddle cover , catalytic parts removed with a link pipe , lambda probe , exhaust valve engine and antipollution all 3 removed .
my chief of wirkshop proposes it to me for 12500 euros , in 5 months payments .

That said , i would still begin riding on track with a 750 and wait to have enough exeptience to go to the 1000 ( even if i buy one , i might try it on track at least once , just to see the difference between them ).

Any advices Or suggestions ?

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The thing is that i am also interested in a 2011-2021 GSX-R 750 ( i saw a 2014 blue and white one for sale with only 4100 miles , 8800 euros , in excellent condition ,on which i could replace the side blue fairings with the 2013 600 ones , blue and white , which i think , looks better ) , herés the reason why .

Recently , 3 months ago, i bought a GSX-R 750 K8 with 26000 miles / 42000km , that was supposed to be in excellent condition and well serviced for the 2 or 3 years the buyers had it .
I was buying it for some track days , knowing i had never riden a sportsbike before , so i was excited about it ( i am used riding a 2005 ZRX1200R kawasaki big roadster for a few years , with dynojet kit stage 3 , full Devil exhaust Racing system ...etc and another one kept more stock and mostly rode Raodstsers in my life ) .

The fact is that despite it was not in bad shape machanicaly , the GSX-R 750 K8 was not in as good condition as it should have been ( but i did not saw it when buying it as i trust the seller too much !) , some parts of fairing have been repainted , the bottom fairing is damaged due to i don't know what sort of mess they did with the exhaust which warped the bottom fairing and i have had to spend much more to service the bike than he had told me i would have to and also had to do several more things he didn't do whereas when you buy such a sportbike , you have to service it perfectly as it is some precision mechanic , the equivalent of a ferrari of Porsch in a bike , not the mere utilitarian bike !

And the last thing which achieved to frustrate me was that when i searched to buy a new Yoshimura or Akrapovic full exhaust Racing system for this bike all around the world in some shops and on ebay ( at least anywhere English was spoken ) and after several motorcycle parts shop made me loose some time lying to me , saying they could get some but weirdly the delay to get some was getting longer and longer and in the end , wasn't clear at all anymore , i learnt from both brands that their full exhaust systems for the GSX-R 750 K8 had been discontinued for several years now and that there would be no more !

So i bought the only Akrapovic muffler still available new for my GSX-R 750 K8 , the S-S6SO6-HZC and installed it on my stock header / collector , on which the catalytic box was cut and replaced with a mid pipe , by a previous owner .
There should still be one or two Yoshimura mufflers available as well for that bike but no full exhuats racing system and everybody knows a full exhaust racing system is much better than simply a muffler !
Only options available i saw for replacing my stock header/ collector is the Black Widow " Racing" header / collector made for the GSX-R 2008-2010, which accepts all the mufflers compatible with those bikes including my Akrapovic but i am not sure this would give me the performance and sound of a yoshimura or Akrapovic full exhaust racing system .
Or Delkevic also proposes some full exhaust racing systems with different mufflers available but i don't know if the header/ collector allows to use any muffler compatible with the 2008-2010 GSX-R 750 , like Black Widow's one or only Delkevic Ones ?

Arrow still produce a full exhaust Racing system for those 2008-2010 GSX-R 750 , but their header/ collectir only accepts the Arrow mufflers made for it unless you are able to find some mufflers and link pipes with the right diameters or have some made ( what i have ho opportunity for , except looking shat the chinese propose on ebay !

You must have understood it , i want a high end Yoshimura or Akrapovic full exhaust Racing system for my GSX-R 750 K8 with good performances and a great fuck... sound !!

For me the sound of the bike and muffler ( and its look as well ) is important , being a sound ingeneer and musician , a good sound is important for me !

All that to say that , i thought that buying an older model of GSX-R 750 , especialy when only produced during two years , when you don't already have all the aftermarkets parts you need and / or that you are not sure to be able to get them', is not always a good idea !
Apart from that , i like the GSX-R 750 K8 , i could even find a spare complete fairings and tank for mine ( not even for the prixe of the tank) , from a guy who had removed them from his K8 when it was in excellent condition and replaced everything by some adapted to track use , to do not damage the stock ones but he lost his front wheel on track at 110 miles / hour ( 180 km/h) and totaly ruined his bike , so he sold the fairings he had left .

Lesson learnt so now , i look at several options for the next bikes i would like to buy, those i speak about in that topic .
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