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Akrapovic Shorty Exhausts

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Just so you guys know we are out of these and anymore we now get will be at the 2008 pricing which will be about 20% higher. We still have evo long systems and some race systems in stock though.

If you want the shorty slipon the best thing to do is call around to every dealer and ask who has it IN STOCK! If they don't then they can only get it at 2008 pricing and it sucks

Just a little informational blurb I wanted to pass on for anyone who wants that exhaust. Hurry up and call around as I bet no more then a few are lingering on dealers shelves.
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glad i got mine while i did, thanks for the tip corey :notworthy
Just wanted to help anyone out there in the market since these are so popular...we'll pass more tips on as we hear them or find things out that affect you guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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