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I bought some Alpinestars Supertech R21 ( that's how they are named in EU but i believe that SportBike Track Gear in USA , also call them V2 ), the most recent version ( 2021 i suppose due to the R21) , the regular version , not the Vented ones but i have a doubt about the size to choose !

As there is no motorcycle shops selling some high end Racing equipment fo the riders going to track days close to my home , i have to buy all my Racing equipment for track days , on internet !
All the shops no far from my home ( be it in Paris or close suburbs) sell mostly touring , commuting , everyday motorcycle equipment but as they have few customers going to ride on circuit / track days , they have very little demand for that type of equipment and what they have in stock provides a poor range of choices for those who want to buy some and it is more their internet counterpart or other shops on internet which are selling them and from which i bought from as they have much choice and all the sizes !

I watched quite a few review videos ( Thanks to Sportbike Track Gears for their help !) before buying all my equipment , including some about Alpinestars Supertech R21 boots before buying my Supertech boots and Brian from STG and his'fellow reviwer there , were advising to order one size bellow our regular size for these boots , saying they ( at least Brian was saying ) usualy wear 12US shoes/ sneakers and bought some 10,5 US /45 Euro Supertech R21 Boots and they fit him very well !

So , based on their experience , that is what i ordered but as most people , i have a foot which is bigger than the other one and there is nearly half a size difference between both !
So when i tried the Supertech boots in 9,5 US /44 Euro , i felt a bit tight in them , especialy for'my bigger foot , although when i wear them for , say , an hour in my room i can't say it ´s uncomfortable at the tip even if it's tight although it can be a bit painful on a malleolus ( but i can't say they definitely size too small ).

i usualy wear some 10,5 US for Red Wing 2268 Engineer boots , 10,5 to 11 US 27863 Chippewa engineer boots , depending on how the specific boots pair sizes , as two pairs of the same size can have some slight size differences sue to the way it has been built inside and inwear 11 US for all type of Vans Sneakers , from the sleepers to the oldshool low and Sk8 high ones .
So ,like for Brian at STG , who is usualy wearing a size and a half above ( 12 US ) what he chose for the Supertech boots ( 10,5 US / 45 Euro ) I thought 9,5 US 44 Euro sounded ok .

I also tried the 10,5 US /45 euro Supertech R21 , for sure they are not tight at all on the sides at the tip, nor anywhere else , i feel like in some sleepers in them but i also feel they are a bit big , especialy at the top'of the feet ( i see it when i touch them and when i bend the foot ) and especialy also in length for my smaller foot ; so i hesitate on the size to buy / keep, knowing they are expensive ( at least they are not cheap ) , so i wouldn't like to keep'the wrong size !

i wonder if it's a good idea to buy them a bit big cause i might not feel as well the lever when i switch gears and like when gloves are too long ,i might lack the dexterity of a pair of boots fitting perfectly !

In another hand , if after an afternoon riding on track , i realize i am too tight in the the size bellow , i would be bothered to have chosen the wrong size !

i hate to buy clothes and the worst are the shoes'and boots due to my size difference between both feet !

Any advices about choosing the right size for those boots ?
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