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Any feedback on Teknic leathers appreciated

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I'm looking at a Teknic xcelerator 1 pc, but I've never seen or used Teknic. Any feedback appreciated. The other option is the Dainese Laguna Seca in white for a white k8.
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My buddy has had a Teknic 1 pc for about a year now. He's had no complaints, but it really hasn't been "tested" yet, either.

Personally, I'm a bit partial to those white Dainese suits. :biggrin

All kidding aside, my white suit is tons cooler on those summer track days.
I have a teknic suit and have crashed twice in it and ill be able to ride in it again
I had a Technic "Roo" suit and absolutely beat the hell outta it. For the punishment I put it through, it did me pretty well.

I also had a Dianese T-Age a few years ago. Given the choice... go with the Dianese.
Teknic seems to be very popular with alot of racers out here. I myself also own a Dainese suit, and I would say go with one of them if you can afford it. But for the money Teknic is a great suit also (so i hear)
One of my friends own the Teknic Chicane 1 piece. He lowsided at Streets of Willow with no injury. Leathers didn't take too much of a beating and its still wearable.
ive got a teknic suit aswell i crashed at grattan last lap turn one end of the front straight at ehhh 100 to 130mph, got up walked away no holes, no broken seams, just bruising, and a heat burn from the friction on my leathers. for me a great suit, ohh and is a 2 piece aswell. i have to now bring it in for some repairs but its lasted since 96
I picked up a Violator, almost went with the xcelerator but figured the money would be better spent on tires than roo. When it comes in I'll post up my thoughts. I have no affiliation with these guys but fwiw, sportbiketrackgear is very pro teknic. check out their site for some videos.
i use alpinestars but my buddy has teknic suit and he loves it
i got agv's and i have nothing bad to say about them and they are priced good
2006Gixxer_Grand said:
i got agv's and i have nothing bad to say about them and they are priced good
my last 1 piece was an AGV and I loved I rock a 2 piece
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Never used a Teknic suit myself, but I noticed this browsing the WERA forums:

Seems to be an isolated deal, as this is the only bad thing I've ever read about them.
I have a Teknic Violator one piece suite and I love the thing. Here is my opinion on the whole thing. I have a buddy that is racing WERA and he had his suit custom made by a guy out in Crazy Land...AKA California. He threw down 3k for the whole deal. I spent 350 on ebay from a guy that never wore the thing because he was to fat to get in it. I like my better and when I crash I will throw it away and buy a new one. Up to this point very happy.
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