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Anybody have excema?

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I have it, it's not severe but it's a pain when i have flare ups. I got medication but was just wondering if other people had any luck with stuff that wasn't prescribed.

I believe my type is hereditary so from what i've read there really isn't much i can do except build up my immune system and have less stress (good luck on that one).
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My mom has eczema.

She uses different things when she has flare ups which are always on her hands. She uses cortisone cream and one of the better things that doesnt have the side effects of thinning the skin is a natural type chapstick (like burts bees or blistex). Yes, chapstick straight onto the skin.

She tries to stay away from toughing things she's allergic to with her hands as well.

The biggest helper she's found so far is that she no longer washes her hands with scented soaps/detergents. She uses cetaphil hand cleanser and hasn't had a breakout in a long time.
awesome the only areas i get them are on my right elbow and and get flareups the size fo a quarter on my left bicep. They gave me a topical steroidal cream called Fluocinonide it's great stuff and it brings it down within hours. I'll have to try that chapstick stuff. I get the flareups when its humid or when my skin comes in contact with starch which is on my uniform.

Thanks for the recommendations GD.
No problem, hope it helps. Have you tried gauze tape or something else on the inside of your uniform in areas that it rubs?
no i havent' done that i just roll up my sleeves, i started putting bandaid when they flare up.
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