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best sportbike addon ever

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We should all use these...
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Lawls i would never do that with my kid unless it's in my driveway bringing the bike into the garage
I think whoever did that should be in jail for stupidity
Oh ya my wife love it if I got one of those for my son

I would
in a second
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lol not. would never do that. i have put my kids and gone up and down on teh driving way...
I wonder if cops would stop you for that stupid ass thing LOL
motomummy said:
I wonder if cops would stop you for that stupid ass thing LOL
i bet they would..

a while back i seen a father having his daughter on his bike out for a ride with her wearing a bicycle helmet:( i wonder if it was dot or snell safe . and i took pics on my cell
I know they can't do it, but they should have some sort of age limit on taking any kid on a bike, but then again how do you distinguish between a rocket and say a goldwing. Some people just shouldn't have kids.

My son rides with me quite a bit. From the time he was 6 actually. Full gear including a chest protector, elbow and knee pads. Now I'm not out doing canyon runs or on the freeway with him but in the summer we go for cruises and I take him to school and stuff on the bike. Granted he was the State Champion in Supermoto for the 7-12 year olds when he turned 7 so he has some pretty good skills and knowlege.

I would not use that device on a bike though. I can see it on an ATV if your up in the mountains taking it easy or something but on a bike I'm afraid you would crush the poor kid in an accident.

Is that a 12 bar on that CBR in their picture? Maybe the kids extra weight helps him pick up the front end.

My young'n with his Championship Trophy for 2007

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trackstar1 i think you're the exception though. if your son rides, knows the dangers, wears gear, etc...that's a different story imo
Thanks, I kinda felt like WTF? there for a I was doing something evil. I know there squids out there with kids and it really pisses me off to no end. I preach gear to my boy like it's the Bible. He doesnt ride down the sidewalk without everything he would wear on track.

LOL...bought him a YSR50 the other day. It's in 1000 pieces right now. Cost me $100 and I cant wait to see him on Millers cart track ripping it up.

Hey MM...I think we have a mutual friend. Stone from Utah. I race with him when he makes it out. Havent seen him much since he got married.

HOLESHOT! The kid pulls more lean angle than me some days.

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That is a pretty cool invention. No kids for me though.
sorry grandevil: i know i asked before and maybe i missed the reply but is the dog in your sig yours? just curious
last i remembered restrainds between rider and passenger are illegal in multible states it was mentioned in motorcyclist not to long ago i will see if i can find the article
whoa...not for my little ones:no

they wont ride with me until they are big enough to do it the right way:fact
im not risking them whatsoever...not to mention their mom wouldnt let it happen anyways.(she doesnt think i should ride a bike either:lol)
meanbeamer: I hope that is true..makes that little gizmo pretty useless if those laws exist (and they should)
my kids are smart enough not to get on the bike with me, plus the old lady wouldn't let them. hell i can't even get her on the bike. she say's we need 1 parent ALIVE ( nice huh )
in a way she has a point, but to think like that is also pretty negative, but then again putting the kids over a bike I can understand....
I see it this way. If a child isn't big enough too hold on without that device, they have no business being on the back of a bike or an ATV. Looks like a good way to get a child killed in the event of an accident. Slow speed or not, even if YOU don't wreck, you could still get hit. Not for my children..huh uhh..
right on tony! I think there are some exceptions like the kid in here who can ride dirt and ride well...but if the kid can't hang on and hang on well and be mature and realize the risks then he shouldn't be on it...PERIOD
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