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Bid $100 on a storage unit for fun. Ended up having this 2002 gsxr750k in it. No keys, no battery, not even a rear wheel. Worth it to fix it up? Sell?

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I've been looking around for a really cheap bike to buy just to wrench on and learn some more about bikes before I make my first purchase. I enjoy browsing storage auction websites and sometimes buying a few. So far I've made a decent amount of money do this. But this time I got something I really don't know much about. Not too worried about the title as I have the bill of sale/ receipt from the storage place. But I am worried about if I should part it out or just fix it up myself. My question is though, could this thing be fixed up for around 2 or 3 grand? I wrench on my cars a lot but don't really know bikes. Here is some photos, worse case scenario I just have a parts bike for $100. In over my head?
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Welcome to the forum . Find some local bikers , tell them what you got .. It'll be gone as fast as you want it gone .. then find a runner .....
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