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Nice to meet you all.
I only ride track now, haven't rode the street since last sept. I did my first track day this past june and fell in love. I did 11 more since then and another is planned at willow springs for feb. 1 I guess you can say I am a track junkie. I have only ridden buttonwillow and willow springs, I live in Bakersfield, Ca so they are so close. I just feel the real riding is done on the track and that the streets, though fun, are too unpredictable and now that I got a family I think about my future these days. I just started riding again a couple years ago after taking a 10year break to concentrate solely on bodybuilding. Here is a picture of my bike last year when it was still a street bike and now it is just track ready. Oh, it is an '06 GSXR750 for those that don't know..LOL When I bought it, it was the black and maroon so I had to change it.


1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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