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I'll start it off from the beginning (only street bikes)

My first ride 1985 GSX550e

Nighthawk 750

Yamaha Seca 750

Kawi ZL900 Eliminator

Yamaha FZ700

75' Suzuki GT750 2 stroke triple

88' GSXR Slingshot

92' GSXR 1100

95' CBR900RR

Still have the next 2
97' TLS when i bought it new

and the same bike now

07' GSXR 1000


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motomummy said:
very very nice. didn't know you have been into bikes for that long and gone through so many. Very awesome! So which one do you or did you enjoy the most?
I'm 37 and been riding since i was 5, my pops raced motocross and had me and my 3 brothers on them as soon as we could handle it!!

I'm kinda sad i still dont own half of them, thinking back the CBR900RR changed my life, so light and powerful back then.

But then the TLS really changed how i feel about motorcycles, the 90˚ V-Twin sound and torque will forever be imbedded in my brain!!

I think the K7 is my all time favorite though!!!

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well my first bike was an '07 ninja 250...but that was totaled.... so now i'm waiting for my second one to come out witch is the '08 250...looks MUCHO better!! Oh and I'll be throwing on the Carbon Fiber Yoshi exhaust on it too

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First present
86 Honda Interceptor 500 bought in 1989
87 FZ 700 bought in 1990
90 GSXR 1100 bought in 1993
01 GSXR 1000 bought in 2005
07 GSXR 1000 bought in 2007
Didn't ride for 10 years between 95 and 05. I loved everyone of these bikes and wish I still had them all. I don't think I will ever sell a motorcycle again. I hope I have about 10 of them in the garage 30 years from now.


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The bikes i had over in England ,
an 80cc Suzuki ER, (Not my pics, just showing the bikes)

Yamaha TZR 125, my bike was black.

Suzuki RG 250 (gamma) mine looked exactly like this one.

FZR 600. this is identical to my old fzr. It was stolen.

And now here in the US, i have a K2 750.

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damn this might take some time

all are not nessesarily in order and i know im gonig to miss at least 1 or 2

suzuki ts50 i think 75
honda xl100 1979
suzuki Rm125 1978
yamaha dt 250 1977
suzuki tm400 1975
honda atc90 1979
kawasaki ke 100 1977
yamaha yz490 1983
kawasaki kx 250 1984
honda 550 night hawk 83
yamaha yz125 87
suzuki 230 quadsport 85
yamaha banshee 87 (version 1 and 2 still with original motor)
honda trail 70's x 3 various late 70's years
kawasaki h1 500 73
kawasaki h2 750 75
yamaha banshee version 3 with kaw h2 750 motor installed:shock yea baby yea
87 honda hurricain ( my first roadracer)
92 gsxr 1100 (i still own this one)
96 kaw kx 125
94-99 honda F2/F3 race bike (had parts from many years)
01 yamaha yz426f
94 honda xr 200r
86 trx 200 sx(still own this)
2001 suzuki tl1000r
04 suzuki gsxr 600 race bike
03gsxr 1k (still own this)
03honda crf450r9still own)
87suzuki rm80

ahh hell i know there are more ohh and my age is 35 in 3 days

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I started riding on one of these: honda interceptor 500, don't recall the year exactly.

back when I was about 14... that was my first riding experience. Rode that for about 2 years illegally.

after that I unofficially owned a puke green 1998 ninja zx6r that was one of the few bikes my brother in law owned. He just basically gave me that one, all except signing the title over.

After that I bought my first bike of my own that I actually bought and owned myself. Couldn't find any gsxr 6s in my price range, found this 03 R6 a guy was trying to dump quick and cheap beacause his fiance was making him sell it.

View attachment 597

Rode that for abotu 2 years and bought the best purchase of my life.. my current ride. :biggrin

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I'll keep it to this century. My first street bike was a 1979 Yamaha RD400 DS, god I was hell on wheels at 16
2000 GSXR750/2003 GSXR600 bought for the bodywork and wheels, sold w/5 miles on it

YSR50 I completely rebuilt

2002 VFR800 sold with 900 miles on it, hated v-tec at 7k rpm

loved the two bros cross weave, didn't like the fake pipe

200? 996

current k5/k8/k5

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I currently have a K3 GSXR 1000

before that:
97 GSXR 750
92 ZXXR 750
84 RZ 350
95 KX 250
89 NSR 250
? FZR 250 phazer
83 IT 175

I don't have pics of em although, so you'll just have to take my word for it au!


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