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Carb heatshield,use it or loose it ?

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Hey guys, debating whether i should use my carb heatsheild ? its the yosh copy from edgeracing. I had it on my 1100 and it made alot more work to get the carbs on & off . I can't get to mixture screws on the RS carbs either when the shield is on. I live in MI. so i don't ride year round although it can get pretty warm in the summertime. Is it worth the performance ? Thanks for any input.
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Anytime you can keep heat off the carbs its worth it IMHO
For daily driving I can't imagine it really offers that much difference. If you are on the track riding 8-11k rpm range with a cool air feed I think it's a different story. That O/C engine is very hot and the fresh cool air could make a small difference IMO.
I have one of his on mine and yes, it makes it difficult to install the CV's, and you can't get to the idle adjust either. I cut a hole in the bottom of mine so I can at least get my idle screw if I have to. I'm going to run RS38's on mine soon anyway and I'll decide then weather it stays or goes. If it does go, it's going on the 90 track bike, but I would like to keep it on the 7/11 too. I might just have to live with the little inconvenience, but it's not like you have to constantly adjust the carbs on a street bike anyway. Also, the 7/11 is getting the fairing put back on the front. When it goes on, the cool air kit will be functional with the ducts and side covers, so to do it without the shield would be silly.

I was looking at the V&H bike and it also has a heat shield on it. That shield seems to have a lot more flex in it so I was thinking about making another one similar to that one. I have some silicone sheet that I thought about using to make one with more flexibility, but it might be too floppy. If they just had a little bit more flex in them, they would still function as intended, but they would be easier to work with as far as the install is concerned. But too much flex will make it floppy and it might not work as well as it should then. When I pull off the CV's and put on the RS's, I'm going to give that a try, if it works out I'll probably make a few of them and give you a heads up when I do.
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Thanks for the input guys, the carbs are close but i would like to put it on the dyno to see the AFR . I don't have a problem getting to my idle on the RS carbs, its located towards the top of the carbs. Im more in favor of using it as of now. Im sure it would benefit a higher compression big bore engine as they tend to run hotter.
So how about you get your carbs all set up and running right without the heat sheild. Then when you're confident you're happy with the set up, you can refit the heat shield at that time.
i still have to cut my holes out for my carbs on my 1100. i bought a brand spankin new one from yoshi (carbon fiber) they also offer a aluminum one. i also live in mi but the 1100 is nolonger my main ride. ive decided im going to try to do a full restor on it but with mods ofcourse, a complete strip down and rebuild of the chassis and all the other stuff.

long how did you hook up that cool air kit to the body work. i want to do that to mine i have the back half of the yoshi cool air kit with the hose's but not the front part.
This biggest benefit of having a carb shield is limiting the heat thrown on your legs during the summer:biggrin
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