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FYI, I'm new to forums. The name is Troy. Hopefully I've posted this to the correct forum.

I have a 2001 GSX750F and I'm wondering about converting it to EFI.
First, is it possible (without specific training, education and software).
Second, would it be costly?
Third, where you you get such a kit? My initial searches haven't turned up anything, except for cars, but I did find out that GSX750R was available in EFI beginning in '98. I wonder if I could buy an older GSXR for parts and transfer the injectors, manifold and electronics to my Katana.

Does anyone have this sort of expertise or experience?

I'm not a mechanic, but I'm handy and can learn. I've attached before and after photos of the '01 I bought in the spring. There's still a little work to do but it's ready for the winter.

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