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Could someone PLEASE do some photoshop for me

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Could you please change the silver upper mid panel to white and one in carbon. I can't decide to leave it silver, white, or cf which might be too much. I'm thinking white would look best. Anyones time would be most appreciated.
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Damn that looks sick!
i'll try it for you later tonight, i have to pratice my PhotoShop... i have a couple of things to do right now.... the CF one i cant do.
here is a real quick version. i forgot so i has to do something real quick

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I say go all white in the front how i did it
Yeah I think I'll try some white panels, the cf is too much. Thanks for taking the time I appreciate it

NO more money in my hands lol, talk to all the sponsors, Corey and Motowheels have it all
man... can i get a sponsor? as much as i ride...

to bad im a 05 600
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no i knew what you were saying i just jumped to my own thought.

its always the new stuff that gets the attention when starting fresh
Oops I took you serious and was crackin up. my bad. Thanks for the photoshop work, I really need to get that program and learn it. I used to have a Corona rep and had a few people ask if Corona sponored it, crack me up
some just dont know..... dumb asses (sounding like that puppet from Jeff Durham)

photoshop is fun....

If i was smart i would have went to school for that and made major $$$. But now i have to wait until i get out here and go to a community college for that (they dont offer it here)

I do suck at it though, but thats why i getting the practice on you guys (your my pigs)
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yea i would go white good job on the bike it looks damn good
Heres how it came out with the 07 white mids and cf airducts

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loren said:
Heres how it came out with the 07 white mids and cf airducts

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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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