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Crazy personal stories (post up)

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One night in dark ass alaska in December me and my boy went on a drinking binge that night. He's married and lived on base i was 20 and lived in the dorms. We decide to play Lord of the rings on PS2 starting at 8 am, i'm drinking Cap and coke 50/50. Well i'm drunk as hell by the time 4pm rolls around can't even stand up and disoriented. But we beat the game that day. So i had to take a leak, apparently i headed toward the basement instead of upstairs to the bathroom. But his wife turned me into the right direction. so i head upstairs never to be seen again.

Next morning i wake up with a hell of a hangover and everybody is wondering where i had been. apparently i passed out in the spare bedroom. So i go about my ways for the next 6 months partying and doing what i do. Dre tells me that krystal (Wife) found some papers that looked water damaged and if i had brought up any drinks when i slept up there. I told them no, but I do remember having a dream from that night that we were playing LOTR that i had gone upstairs and took a piss in the drawer.

Needless to say it wasn't a dream....
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