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DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf" 1-Pc. Suit

We just received a full size run of the DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf" 1-Pc. Suit and the DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf w/H2O" 1-Pc. Suit. The look identical except one has a built in camel bak water bag in the speed hump.

The Dainese Laguna Seca suit is a professional racing suit in full grain cowhide characterised by painstaking attention to the purity of cuts and lines. This racing suit offers attractive aesthetics and is extremely comfortable at the same time. Nothing has been left to chance: each element of the cut, comfort, fit, and protection place priority on the pilot and/or passenger. One example is the design of the back using just one single piece of leather without stitching for the greatest continuity of protection. Here again, "less is more".
  • Pocket for back protector.
  • Composite protectors.
  • Articulated shoulder.
  • Bi-axial elasticated insert system.
  • Cowhide.
  • Elasticated inserts.
  • Inserts in elasticated fabric.
  • Aerodynamic spoiler (hump)
  • Soft inserts.
  • Replaceable sliders.
  • Suit to boot fastening system.
  • Double calf zip.
  • Removable Sanityzed lining.
Available in Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow
* Please contact us for other sizes and colors not listed as currently in stock. We can usually get it within 3-5 days, if available.

More pictures:

* please register on our website to access discounts on non sale items. The sign up is under the log in box inthe PRODUCTS section.
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