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Desmosedici owner hijacked at gunpoint
By Visordown News
Owner loses ?40,000 bike less than week after taking delivery

A CALIFORNIAN man lost his brand new Ducati Desmosedici when a lone hijacker robbed the nightclub owner of his machine at gunpoint.
Dan Travers, 42, was riding home from a friend's house in Santa Monica aboard his ?40,000 steed when a lone gunman approached Travers while he was sat waiting at a set of traffic lights.
"The guy appeared from behind me while I was waiting at a stop light," said Travers. "He told me to get off the bike and keep walking or he'd shoot. I couldn't see his face as he was wearing a helmet and dark visor. There was no one else around."
Travers was one of the first customers to take delivery of the new Desmosedici in California.
"I'm heartbroken," said Travers on losing his MotoGP replica. "I've been waiting for over a year for it to arrive and I've lost it in less than a week."
It's unknown whether the thief targetted Travers or just got lucky.
Let's just hope he's not turned it into a streetfighter.

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TwoTyres said:
In that situation i would be unable to draw my own weapon quick enough so I'd drop the clutch and get outa there.
it doesnt matter how fast you are, or how fast the bike is, the theft how have had a good two seconds or for a point blank shot, he'd at least hit something, if not you then something on the bike...

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logan1 said:

Was anyone else (other than me) hoping that it was Tom Cruise?
I came in here to post something like this.

"too bad it wasn't Tom Cruise"

But yeah, how could this guy get away with it? WTF, it's probably one of maybe a handful, maybe.

Shipping it overseas or to some other country?


Um.. Venkman?!?!
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Its probally on some drug lords compound in South America. Or hey it might be kinda funny to see it in a new stunt video!!!! But the trth is that sucks at gun point too ahh man what a bad night.
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