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Did anyone get...Their Durrani wheels yet?

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Their Durrani wheels yet?
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Just trying to give the place a lived in look.

Our mission at Durrani Racing Components is to produce and distribute high performance lightweight products to the sportbike industry, utilizing a high degree of new and unique magnesium technology at previously inconceivable value. Over the past few months, our efforts have been focused on perfecting a manufacturing process whereby a Thixomolded magnesium Wheelcore could be mated to an extruded and ring-rolled AZ80 magnesium rim. Our data indicated that this would produce a lightweight and affordable motorcycle wheel that is well suited for use on public roads and racetracks alike.
While both steps in this process presented distinct engineering challenges, we believed that perfecting the Thixomolding process for the wheel core would require the most time and effort. This belief was based on 20 years of magnesium engineering experience, and the fact that the largest Thixomolded magnesium product that had been successfully produced prior to our wheels weighed about 1 pound. To our delight, we were able to refine the tooling and dial in the process in less time than previously imagined. This accomplishment literally sent a shock wave through the industry when Durrani Wheelcores were displayed at the 2007 Society of Automotive Engineers and International Magnesium Association trade shows.
With this accomplishment under our belt, combined with the resources and personnel that were on deck to assist in the remaining work to be done, we felt that the possibility of delivering complete sets of wheels in a 4-6 week time frame was plausible. After advertisements were published and orders began coming in, we simultaneously experienced several setbacks related to completing the development of our manufacturing process. With each setback, came a shift of our anticipated delivery date.
As we have worked to resolve each of these unforeseen production issues, it became clear that a change in direction was warranted. While the original wheel design had performed extremely well during initial testing and development, upon production ramp-up and final testing we discovered that the extruded and ring rolled rim process had inherent flaws which were only detectable by producing significant quantities of the parts. For this reason, we have chosen to quarantine and scrap all of the rims and materials related to this process, and pursue the now proven path of Thixomolding for the rim as we have successfully done with the Wheelcore.
This new approach will ensure a more robust and higher quality product; however this improvement results in significantly higher manufacturing costs. Given this, we will hold our original price on the 510 Series wheel for 2007, but expect to raise it in 2008. To this end, magnesium hubs are now standard and aluminum hubs have been discontinued. We have also designed a standardized sprocket bolt pattern based on the Suzuki GSXR series fitment from 2001-2007, so you may need to purchase a rear sprocket separately. We anticipate that it will take approximately 3-4 months to tool up and implement, and we are deeply committed to achieving this end. You can take advantage of the 2007 pricing by placing your paid pre-order deposit before January 2008. Your order will then be promptly filled after successful testing is complete, and we launch full production.
The steps we are taking to refine our manufacturing process demonstrate our dedication and commitment to produce lightweight, high value magnesium products, and we look forward to your continued support.
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