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Did anyone get...Their Durrani wheels yet?

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Their Durrani wheels yet?
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omg palo....ONLY YOU!!!!!! I'm out of this one lol
lover: um...I am hoping by 2010 we will be carrying them, but who knows lol
hopefully they actually came out, but selling a product that isn't even designed yet is a bit over the top.
Looks like the price has already gone up a few hundred bucks...
with the price up it's still not finished it sounds like. Be interesting to see the outcome of all this.
scotty: i hope they are great rims, but with a new product like this and especially one that is brand new and never been tested you might want to wait until they have been out for a little bit. Not saying that something will be wrong with them, but it's a brand new design and has gone through many many problems in the last 2 years. I hope they get it down and the rims are great, but i don't know if i would ever be the first to test the quality.
so you have a good experience or bad? Only problems with new products is that the best testing of a product is when the masses have it. Not sure I would be to keen on testing something as important as rims. It's like testing an all new concept/design in brake pads. I might hold off for a while and make sure things are good to go first...
1 - 9 of 47 Posts
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