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KWComp said:
Sort of.....The federal govt is planning on sending out additional refund checks to help stimulate the economy.
so when the fuck do i get mine. I got a total of 600 back on my refund this year. I almost slapped the bitch at HR block too. Freaking tax bitch. She tried to tell me that was good. then she told me i had to pay right then and there and it couldn't be taken out of my refund cause im in the Military. Well she almost saw what the poor unfortunate souls in iraq(including some camels and donkey's he he) saw from me:shoot:horse.

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Captain Squid said:
Yeah no doubt.......anything is better than nothing, although i'm sure we will pay for it in some way or another
No such thing as a free lunch!

motomummy said:
yup sarah...something is coming for sure. Hopefully it's the numbers they said...
Yeah no shit that would be nice!! Any word on when these checks would be sent out?
1 - 20 of 61 Posts
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