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A friend of mine has an immaculate low miles K8 750 which he last rode several years ago before letting it stand (indoors).

If it was an older bike I'd empty the tank and drain the carbs before refilling the system with fresh fuel and attempting to start it but I'm not sure what's best with this bike with injectors. After draining the tank is there any way of removing the old fuel downstream of the tank in the pipework feeding the pump (if it's not in the tank) & injectors?


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Scott parked his very cool track bike EIGHT YEARS ago after a day at Brands Hatch (UK).

Today we tipped out the old fuel and poured some fresh in.

The lithium battery still showed 13V (there must be zero parasitic drain from the aftermarket dash) but I gave it a brief charge anyway.

It started on the button! The engine must have only turned over 2 or 3 times before it fired up. OMG. Purred like a kitten. Let it run until the cooling fan kicked in. I get anxious if I let a bike stand for 8 weeks 😆
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Built from a new K8
Run in on a dyno.
Less than 2000 miles on track.
Marchesini Wheels
Akrapovic TI Full Exhaust System
Bazzaz Traction Control with adjustable power maps
HM Quickshifter
STM Slipper Clutch
Brembo HPK Front Calipers
Brembo HPK Rear underslung rear caliper
Ohlins TTX Rear Shock
k-Tech Fork Cartridge Kit
Promach Rearsets
AIM Datalogger Digital Dash with GPS Lap Timer
Crescent Cam Quick Action Throttle
Brembo adjustable Brake Master cylinder
Harris Clutch Lever
Ohlins Sterring Damper
Race Fairings with custom paint
Samco Hoses

Bike featured in Fast Bikes Magazine. Never crashed. Unmarked.

For sale.

Location Kent, England.

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