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motomummy said:
you're a bastard LOL
I'm not rubbing anything in... I'm just trying to show the guys that have their bikes put away for the winter time that this is what they have to look forward to in the Spring

Grandevil said:
Nice snow pic.
As we were making out way up the hill my friend asked me over the Chatterbox if we should pull over for a picture. I'm glad I did.

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Hong3103 said:
What's not cool about it? After a nice little ride out in the canyons you find a nice little snow pack and place your tush on it... great way to cool it off. Not much airflow through that area of the suit. :biggrin
hahahaha whats not cool is u still rubbing it in that your riding LOL..... this great wisconsin weather needs to fucken warm up LOL:biggrin
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