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To get to the point,
Is the front caliper rebuild kit for a 2008 Marauder GZ250 the same as a Savage 650?

I have been searching everywhere for a new front caliper for my GZ250, nearly had my hands on one from Suzuki through a dealer but 2 weeks after ordering I was told the number has been superceded and the price has jumped. I have taken the old caliper apart after as it was sticking, I definitely need a new piston and seal but cannot find a rebuild kit, which is why I was looking for a full caliper.

Now the dealership I have been ordering from suggested using a rebuild kit for a Savage 650. I'm thinking of taking the old caliper in to compare if possible, before taking the parts.
If this kit doesn't fit the suit, I'll be looking for an aftermarket set up. Which caliper would you suggest?

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