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Tech Race Protector: Size SMALL

Flexible central linkage adapts and moves with the body, Perforated shield plates and thermoformed padding provide maximum ventilation,Race developed protector used by Alpinestars professional GP riders,Patented Cross Torsion Linkage shock absorber system.
  • Retails for $120
  • Never been worn riding
  • Kneedraggers (which no longer sells it) said that it attaches onto some Alpinestars suits (I guess men's only, it did not fit into mine) "Secure Snap Connection system for easy attachment to select Alpinestars suits"

I just don't like the way it fits personally. If it did actually attach to my suit I would keep it but it doesn't.

You guys let me know what you think a good price would be. :thubmup

Here is the link to the A* page, you can get to the size chart from there as well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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