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Ah, it was to be expected. I was a structural design draftsman until about 9AM today. I was one of the latest hires in the eng. dept. so therefore expendable. I knew it was coming though, as the company is doing horrible. I'd get into bigger detail but it really doesn't matter to me at this point.

I've already been on the hunt for something else for a few weeks now so I'll be fine. It's just painful to know that I'm nothing but a numbers figure and not a human being, at least to them. Everything went ass backwards and honestly I should flame them with all these poor decisions but I'll take it as a good thing. I was underpaid (aren't we all) and despite my best efforts deemed a liability rather than an asset. I'd be better off busting my ass for people that would appreciate it rather than forget it happened. I understand from a business perspective (sorta, not really) but it's still a no win as you need people to work for you. So, is anyone looking for a draftsman?
Had two interviews yesterday but who knows if that'll work out.

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Grandevil said:
At least you can get unemployment when you get laid off.

Good luck finding a new job.
About 5 years ago I did electrical work........About 20 of us got laid off due to no work and got to collect un employment till they hired us back on......which was about 3 months. I made the best money of my life doing side jobs and getting paid "under the table" (again Biga......i'm not gay)
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