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here it goes this is from my local site, im cut and pasting it.

Please quote from here down for other boards.

Bare bones private rental. $140/rider.

Gates are at 700am.

Please arrive by 800am for a track walk.

Track starts running at 900am.

Lunch break at 1200pm.

Track opens at 100pm after lunch.

Track closes at 500pm.

Pretty simple day. No classes. Just run run run.

I will want new to the track riders to wear a bright vest so we don't run them over.

This is a possible uninterrupted 7 hours of riding time.


Oil drain bolt safety wired.

Oil filter safety wired. Large hose clamp around the filter or use a brand that has the ability to be wired from the factory(K&N).

No antifreeze. Use water,Engine Ice or something similar. If you crash and screw up the track for the rest of us you will get an ass kicking.

2 piece full zip leathers at a minimum.

Gloves over the wrist.

Boots over the ankles. Yes, I have used my work boots before, but I feel safer with proper riding boots.

There is no rain date. If it rains, we ride. Man up. You can get your bike clean again.

That is it.

Paypal address is [email protected] If you pay with Paypal, $145 will cover thier stupid fees. Thanks.

Same address for any questions.

John Hillary
and a update

more info its capped at 30 riders he will need the deposit by mid april, if he doesnt get enough money for the deposit then the day is cancelled and i beilive all is refunded, if he gets the deposit then the day goes ahead as planned. so a min of 20 riders are needed, but if we dont get 30 then jon gets screwed out of alot of money. hes not making money on this, everything that comes in goes straight to this track day and getting it going.

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well both of you guys can carpool right yep the track is a technical track with lots of elevation changes. i am not sure but i think we will be running it both directions maybe that day.
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