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Im in Sydney, so itd be a long ride down. Intending to go to the WSBK at PI at the end of Feb so might get there then. Ridden the spur once before on the way to PI. Very nnce piece of road, I wish NSW roads had such a good surface.

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Hey bud down in the lovely Riverina nsw u down this way lets have a drink cheers mark.

Kelevra said:
How many is that from Oz? Don't forget the Kiwi's, they're good people too!

There has to be at least a dozen of you Oz fellas now...
BLAME THE POMS WE BREED LIKE RABBITS.Don't know about those sheep muggers AKA(KIWIS) but they talk funny fush n chups(fish and chips)sex(six) make great wine and seafood but.
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