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Greetings from the SF Bay Area

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The name is Ed.

I've had my K7 750 for almost a year now. Been riding street only for a few years, but I've had the bike bug (and track bug) for a long, long time.

There's a CRF450X in the garage to play with as well. Before that was various a race kart, but racing is just too freakin expensive. I thought I'd save some money and get a street bike. An SV 650 (thus the nick).

That turned into track days and the SV was sold for a more genuine track capable bike, which is how I came to own the 750.

I've done several trackdays now. I'm lucky enough to be halfway between Laguna Seca (my favorite track) and Sears Point (Infineon Raceway). My buddy and I also make the trek up to Thunderhill.

So if you're ever at those tracks passing an old guy in Casper the Ghost leathers, wave as you go by!
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KosmanGixxer6 said:
Welcome, I'm in Windsor an hour north of Infineon raceway
Cool! Was just up there for Winter Wineland last weekend.

You have some AWESOME roads up that way, too. Last time I was at Infineon, we went up to give Skaggs a whirl. Very, very, nice.

Before that, we dragged the bikes up to Clear Lake and made a run to Lake Berryessa.

Thanks to everyone else for the greetings. I like it here already!

PS: I'm in Los Gatos, for those familiar with the area.
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