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GSX650F Won't Start - Possible Starter Relay Issue

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Hi Folks,

I have a GSX650F 2012 refusing to start, it roll starts with barely any effort and stays running so don't think it's a mechanical issue.

When I turn the ignition with the kickstand up and in neutral (or 1st with clutch) I can hear the fuel injectors priming and everything sounds like it normally does, however when I push in the starter button nothing happens and I cannot hear the starter attempting the turn at all. (Although I've noted the headlights dim when I press in the starter).

I confirmed the battery is healthy, checked the fuses etc and last night I tested the starter relay.

When I apply current to the relay I can confirm the relay opens and there is continuity - however when testing the resistance I get 0ohm - the manual specifies I should be getting 3-6ohm across the relay.

Am I right in assuming I probably have a bad relay if the resistance is 0? Little uncertain as i've seen other troubleshooters claim the relay is fine if there's continuity, and there hasnt been much mention of testing resistance.

Just looking to sanity check myself before I purchase and install a new relay! any other troubleshooting tips are welcome.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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