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Hello from SD

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Hi, my name is Isaac im 17 im and from southeastern South Dakota and here's a little story on my bike. I have a 2008 rmz250 it's my first dirt bike I paid 500 bucks for it with the motor completely dismantled and in a box and me and my dad rebuilt the engine with a "new" piston and jug from eBay the bike has a Hinson clutch, hot cams, and a Hindle exhaust the bike was a race bike up in Canada and so far I love the bike and I'm hyped to ride it after I fix the thread on the valve cover and shorten the chain.
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Welcome to the forum , great introduction , Nice to hear someone saves a bike .. It's not hard .... Takes a little time , a few parts . And patience ... Good for you .... Enjoy , and be safe ....
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