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Help me identify this bike DR650?????

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My niece parked a bike that had quit running in my garage like 10 years ago, and now I need to dispose of it. First, I want to identify it.

It is certainly a Suzuki. According to the pink slip, it is a 1992. I would call it a dual sport bike. On the base of the cylinder is a stamping that indicates it is 640 cc.

Based on an Internet search, I believe it is a DR 650.

The thing that I can't correlate is that it has dual spark plugs. I went to the RockymountainATV website and looked up a cylinder head for a 1992 DR650 and it only had one spark plug.

Is the year wrong? Is it not a DR?

I am either going to sell it "as is" or part it out, so I want to know what it is before I advertise it.


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