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Thanks for building this site, we'll make a go of it! The other forums are so bad now.

Anyway...I'm Kelly, 36 yo, live in Utah, race an 06 GSXR600 in the Masters of the Mountains Series at Miller. Expert #69. Hope I can learn a few things and help a few people out along the way.

Raced a CBR last year so the GSXR is a whole new bike to me. Theres a bit to learn.

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Captain Squid said:
See! I told you!
Yeah, i did it for the F of it, hahaha

Fukucacheme said:
its jordan just finally now getting around to doing his job:hammer
i have a funny feeling theres about to be a bunch of old intros bout to be revived.

ha ha
On the very oldest pages did I not welcome people (I wasn't here yet), so yeah, I'm doing it now, lolz. Other then that, I've welcomed EVERYONE.
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