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"how to" section

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Think a "how to" section would be good? I was messing with my bike today and got scared I was gonna break something. Or am I late?
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There is a mechanical / how to section in each bike forum... ie gsxr 600/750 then look right under it.

Once we get a few good write ups I can create a special place for just these how -to's though... if you think that would be better.
I just found it. thanks and sorry for being late on this.
Not a problem, thanks for offering suggestions... keep them coming if you see anything.
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just a thought. In the how to section, Can you add something like a request thread of a how to? LIke If I had a request of a how to install intake filter, the next time someone installs one, they can make a how to?
Maybe we start a thread in each section with that statement and make it a sticky....
I think adding another sub forum might be a mess?
Might be useful to have a general maintenance/how to section, so you dont get "how to lube and chain", "how to change a tyre" ... type questions repeated in each subforum?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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