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I Just picked Up a non-running Suzuki GS-550

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As the title says, I picked up a 1978 (I think) Suzuki GS550 its electric start only, and I don't have a battery, throttle, starting button, or on off switch, and as you would assume the bike doesn't run, and it looks like someone went into the bike to replace something, took the whole wiring harness, threw it in the air, dropped it in the frame, slapped the seat on, and got rid of the bike and now I have it.
But hey $440, for a bike that looks better than my car seemed like a good deal.
I would like some help figuring out what I'm looking at. How it goes back together the proper way and where I can source the proper replacement parts that match the bike. I have been able to make sure the starter turns over via using a jumper box, the Headlight, gauge lights, and front turn signals work while running off the jumper. Everything else is unplugged and or in a big ball of mess under the seat.
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I can get more pictures of the crazy wire mess tomorrow (it started raining on me when I was trying to figure out the wiring.)
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better yet, is there anyone who has a 78 or matching gs550 that can take a picture of their wiring under the seat? i think the person who previously worked on my bike was attempting to replace the regulator-rectifier, and or starter solenoid. and just mangled everything and left it. If anyone can help that would be great!
Don't look at the mess ... pick one item to start .. battery . Simple enough .. positive / negative . Then move on to solenoid . Do one thing at a time .... slowly , with purpose . You will sort it out ... Service manual @ , in PDF Version would help ...
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