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Is Clutch Slipping Boulevard M50

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Hi Folks, I am new here! I just bought a 2017 Boulevard M50 with 5k kms on in great shape. This is my first shaft drive bike. When I am driving and give more gas quickly, it doesn't seem to go, seems to rev rpms then go. To me it seems like the clutch is slipping, kind of reminds of my old car when the clutch was going.
I did check the cable and adjusted it a bit but no change. Any thoughts here?
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Welcome to the forum , Many possibilities , very hard to solve problems without seeing the bike in person . Any solutions given here are spectulative .... More descrtion might help ..
Here's what it is doing. First off, I did all adjustments to confirm these were all set properly with the cables. Again the bike has 3100 miles. No nose coming from clutch area. When I drive everything shifts and sounds great. When going through all the gears things seems to be working great. Where the issues starts is when I am going along and I hold the throttle wide open I get high RPM's versus the bike taking off. I only get the slipping when I give lots of throttle. Hope this makes more sense.
Back off on the clutch at the lever . Leave a little free play at handle ....
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