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Jumping Battery positive Terminal directly to Starter Motor

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1985 Suzuki Madura 1200 starter push button switch does not work and the problem appears to be a disconnected wire in the starter switch mechanism which was soldered on to what appears to be a small round (about 3/8") piece of copper

It s hell of a job to even get to it and very little room to work.

So in the mean time I wanted to just start the bike by running a jumper cable from battery positive terminal to the starter motor threaded stud. I disconnected the starter motor cable and clamped onto the stud.

When I went to connect to the battery positive terminal i got a lotta sparks so I pulled the clamp away from the battery terminal. I know this this thing is pulling plenty of amps.........thus the sparking...???? But....???

Suggestions....??????? Should I just clamp the cable on the terminal and see if the sparks stop and hopefully the starter will crank. I mean I dont want to fry the thing , but I am thinking this should kick over the starter motor.

Thank you.
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Hook it back up ....try just shorting across the 2 large nuts on solenoid ... Be sure the battery is good , if not , just use jumper cables as normal procedure ....
And , Welcome to the forum ....
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