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K6 1000 turbo build

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Well after 2 months the turbo build is basically done. Few odds and ends to finish but its ridable and ready to be tuned. here are a few pics for your guys....

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Sweet! That thing is going to be a beast to ride! Love the blue wheels
internal wastegate? How much boost are you going to run? I use to be heavy into turbo's back when I had my dsm in the 10's.
that is sick!!! that thing is going to be a monster
external gate. you can see it in the last pic. Tial 38mm with a .4 bar right now. Im going to see how much power it makes and go to a .5 bar.
I take it you're tuning it at the dyno. I don't see an egt or wideband guages. Should be a monsterm. Might want to extend the swingarm a bit or you're gonna have a wheelie machine like no other. Should be fun as hell

T25 turbo or?
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down pipe is alittle too short for a wideband all the time. I could do a egt but I would have to data log it for any useful information. everything happens too fast on a bike to be looking at gauges. And yes going to be tuned on a dyno.

6" stretched swingarm is in the works at spencer cycle. Who makes a 530 sprocket for the Marchesini's?
greddy use to make and egt with a peak button. As long as it has a peak button you just go for a ride WOT then hit the peak button and you can see the max temp you reached. It's a good indicator of how hot things are getting. If you get near the temp to melt alum then you know it's hot enough to warp a head, etc...W/O a peak/hold button then yes things go way too quick to be looking at guages.
I will look into that down the road. I just want to get it tuned and go from there. water injection is next on the list if the motor stays together.
water injection will keep the engine safer unless you use the wi to allow more boost HAHAH that's what i did. biggest thing is keeping the air temps down which wi will help. A side mounter ic would help a ton also, but on a bike it's hard to fit a very efficient one.

the exhaust temps and knocking are the most important things. just remember that even if you tune it on a dyno that doesn't mean that it's 100% as ambient air temps make a huge diff with a turbo. If i were you i would look at the motty to tune it as it tunes as you goes, but changes a hard coded map where the bazzaz just stores the info then you have to program it to change the map. Motty's software might just be what you need. I would talk to motty about it. i know in my car a nice 40 degree air temp made me need to lower boost or add more fuel if it got colder and more dense.
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post up the dyno numbers i want to see how much of a beast you created
no dyno number numbers yet. I should get it done this weekend if they have time. Im shooting for 230-240 on torco
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