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Kinked gas line?

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I need a 2nd opinion on this fuel line. It is slightly bent but not terrible in my opinion. I had to shorten it up due to close to touching oil cooler. This bike is gravity fed vacuum operated Petcock. I have not started nor rode the bike after doing this, I cut the line a little short. If I bring the bike out and it revs fine all the way up to 100mph+ hehe in Mexico, would it be safe to say this bend does not affect fuel flow? The T where it connects to is in between carb 3n4 and I’m not sure if I can replace it without taking the airbox off, that is something I do not want to do. Is there a way to put an extension on the hose? Maybe pull it off the petcock a hair to give the hose more slack? Can I couple 2 fuel hoses together? One inside of the other? Put a zip tie on the bend to try and restore full fuel flow? All comments are appreciate thank you.
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