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all 3 brands are good. they all do the job they need to do.

the biggest difference between the 3 is the crg and titax have double ball bearing rollers. the pazzos do not. pazzos have a ball bearing that lays in the perch with a spring behind it but you cannot consider it a "ball bearing" setup. the method that crg and titax uses will last much longer and is a TAD bit smoother compared to the pazzo levers.

pazzo got into the business because crg was having major problems keeping up with demand. they offered a pridcut that was on par with crg for a lower price. very smart on their part. they have done very well.

titax has gone one step further and made a lever that is built like the crg but offers more color options like pazzo. its the best of both worlds. at the same time pricing is lower than the other 2 brands.

i have used all 3 brands of levers on my own track bikes. the brand that is on my current bike is titax. pricewise, compared to the other brands titax is better. quality wise you will really need to get picky to tell the difference on the road or track.

just my .02

ronaldo9 said:
I've seen aftermarket clutches affect starting the bike. Is it bad install or are some designs better than others?
sounds like a bad install. i have all 3 brands here at the shop and there is very little to no difference between the perch setups.

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pazzo realized that the ball bearings aren't needed and keep costs down is why they don't do it. We have a set here we have adjusted over 1000times and show no wear on the adjuster mechanism. That's why there are no threads on the forums w/ the pazzo adjusters wearing out either. The ball bearings do make it smoother and easier to adjust them though.

Pazzo is the only other brand besides cnr that has black perches as well. The other difference is that pazzo has full holes in the lever so they don't trap dirt/water. Pazzo also has the largest options in colors.

All of the brands do the exact same thing though and work in similiar function. The main differenes are cost and colors basically...there are other brands coming out also that i can't comment on like gilles and lsl, but i don't know enough to share much of anything on those.

Pazzo to date also has the largest fitment list that i'm aware of where crg still doesn't have the busa or 07 gsxr 1k clutch, but asv is coming up with all of the same it appears.

ASV levers come with a full 5 year warranty and are the most adjustable on the market. Only come in 3 colors and they do cost a bit more for the warranty (even if you crash) and for the adjustability. These are probably the highest end levers of this nature w/o getting into the full master cyl's like isr and brembo.

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I would say that any quality adjustable lever is going to make you a happier rider. It makes the bike more user friendly which makes riding more enjoyable.

I have the Pazzos (from MM of course) but it's hard for me to compare to the other brands since I haven't used them. However, at the time I got them Pazzos were cheaper than the CRG's and came in more options.

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Bourgeois said:
I just recently got them on my bike and they are SICK!
They look it!! I think I will put these on my bike at some point. I love the black ones with the red dial, they will match the colors of my bike well. How is their fit and finish? They look very high end in the pictures from what I can tell. Could you post up some pics of your bike and set up? Thanks
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