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Maico 700cc Two Stroke!!!!

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i would rock that...but then again anything on two wheels i would enjoy
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a 250 two smoke is crazy now were talking 500 cc???
Holy shit... I would love to try out a 500 or 700 3 smoke.. Those beasts would rip off your arms..
Dang, that'd be like my former CR500r on crack...
Man, I thought Maico was looong gone. I thought they were gone in late 70's? I remember racing a 501. What a freaking powerband!!! They look nice
copy and paste from their press release thing

October 12, 2007

Maico on the Come-back in U.K.

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Maico, one of the most prestigious names in motocross history is back. The much revered Maico name which holds almost iconic status within the motocross world for the legendary 400, 440, and 490 open class bikes of the 70?s and early 80?s which set the benchmark by which all other brands were judged, is alive and kicking and preparing to do battle on U.K. soil once more.Maico was formed in the early 1930?s, but after the almost Dallas like family feud between brothers Wilhelm and Otto Maisch, which was ultimately responsible for its downfall, the original company was declared bankrupt on the 10th of May 1983.Now being hand made in its native Germany using high end products such as Reiger, H.G.S. and *********** the extensive range of two stroke Motocross Enduro and Supermoto bikes are now gracing our shores through Bournemouth based importers Maico U.K who have recently secured the sole import rights for the new bikes.
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Thats Awesome!! Maico made some bad ass bikes back in the day. I road a 490 around for a bit back in the day that belonged to a buddy. Beast of a bike
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