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Major Typo in Suzuki Service manual

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Ok... so I have been talking with a member of this board about their damper on their bike and they informed me that the damn thing keeps coming loose. Well it turns out that there is a pretty major typo in the Suzuki shop manuals. Some of the manuals say to torque the steering stem nut to 6.5 foot pounds. Yeah thats right.. 6.5 WTF.. what has happened is that they inadvertently put a period in there were it doesn't belong. The majority of us would probably know that it is wrong but for someone who does not do much mechanical work, they may torque it to that and get seriously hurt as a result. Here is what I found so far when checking my manuals.

I went back and checked all my manuals
my 04,05-600,750 manual says 65
my 06,07-600/750 manual says 65
both my 1K manuals for 05/06 and 07/08 have the typo. They messed up and put the period in there so it says 6.5 but if you look to the left, it still say 90N which equates to 65 ft lbs


If you just look at the different ways the torque rating is given, its obvious they messed up. Not to mention that when anyone that can at least guestimate torque, they would realize when they took it off the first time that it was a hell of allot more then 6.5lbs

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OR for someone who DOES have alot of technical experience like myself and just listens to people constantly reassure him that he is wrong and to follow the manual.

He is talking about my GPR issue, My service manual was wrong and I posted this issue up on a while back, and everyone told me the manual was correct and 6.5 ft/lbs was correct even though I called them crazy and said How the hell is that physically possible? So today's lesson is.... don't trust people if you know in your gut they are wrong.

I should have just torqed the hell out of it to begin with. But now this makes total sense to me.
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I also use locktite on my damper screws, cause even with the proper torque, the bolt still came lose
Big typo there........
that is a huge typo, but hopefully when you put it back together you would realize that it was alot tighter when you took it off.
Now I need to go back and check my Scotts!!! Come to think of it though, the manual for it said 65 ft. lbs.
My service manual (K6750) has the following:

1 Steering stem head nut 90 9.0 65.0

2 Steering stem lock-nut 80 8.0 58.0



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I'm not sure about other models, but on my 06 750 the stem nut and damper are separate.
Just don't want some people stripping their bolts.....


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