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Post up, this is Home on GFN.
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Biga said:
Do you use snow chains there for summer riding?
Pffffftttt....Like you dont.

You havent seen fast till you seen someone back a bike into a turn on snow chains.
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Big Pimp'n!! Or is that Biga Pimp'n?

I heard rumors of high 30's possible this week!! Time to break the bike out!!!!!
Godzuki said:
damn it i knew this would happen i finnally decide to start tear down and whala hey look were going to warm up

this ones for you mother nature:flip
Would it help if I rode by your house a couple times?
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Godzuki said:
sure come on by today if you have time id love to see the r1 on the ice non studded
Wouldnt that make it more embarrassing when I pass you?

J4Rowell said:
if you shoot through kazoo on your way to godzuki's stop by, i'll hook my sled up and you can just pull me. We'll split gas cost. Its like the ultimate car pool.
I go through there quite often in the summer on the way to visit some friends that live in Sodus (just south of Benton Harbor)
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1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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