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Spiegler front lines (mummy)
Spiegler rear line (mummy)
BSTs (moto wheels)
Taylor Made exhaust
BMC race filter (mummy)
Vortex rear sprocket (moto wheels)
Galfer rotors (mummy)
Ebay cut up stock rear rotor
Michilen 2CTs
Ohlins damper (mummy)
Sato Rearsets (mummy)
CF Pyramid front fender
CF Pyramid rear hugger
CF CF Works tank top
CF Powerbronze tank sides
CF Magical Racing guage cluster cover
Puig DS windscreen (mummy)
Pazzo short levers (mummy)
Suzuki gel seat
Vortex Fuel cap (mummy)
Moto Wizard preload adj (mummy)
Vortex oil cap (mummy)
Carbon Works frame sliders (mummy)
Suzuki axle blocks
Tuner X fork sliders and spools

Pazzo levers
Scotts damper
Racefit mega exhuast
XT lap timer
Ohlins shock
Hot Bodies bodywork
Suzuki frame sliders
Michelin Slicks (stack of them in the attic)

On before April
AK-20 kit
Spiegler fronts

My baby that was pretty nice until last July when a dog comitted suicide and killed the bike as well. Slight frame damage around frame slider and broke spool bracket from swingarm. I totaled it and put it back together for something to ride until my K8 got here. Put it back to stock to sell. The pic had the K8 wheels on it for a week just to see the difference in them and stock, made it feel like a 750.
M4 Exhuast
Frame sliders I had on a shelf
Puig DS windscreen

Does make for a nice looking garage at the moment
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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