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1) Ohlins R/T forks
2) Ohlins radial caliper brackets
3) Ohlins rear shock
4) Brembo full floating race rotors (320mm)
5) Brembo Hp radial calipers
6) Brembo forged radial master cylinder with folding lever
7) Brembo micro brake switch with mounting bracket
8) Goodridge stainless steel brake lines with black coating front and rear
9) Gilles FO triple clamps
10) Gilles GP light clip-Ons
11) Gilles gold chain adjusters with titanium locking axle nut
12) Gilles gold adjustable rearsets
13) CRG GP clutch perch with folding lever
14) Marvic Penta 1 forged magnesium race wheels
15) Ohlins steering damper in the stock location
16) full race port and polished cylinder head
17) 7 angle race valve job
18) titanium valve keepers and retainers
19) 750 valve springs
20) cylinder head decked 25 thou
21) Web cams 540/566 grind degree'd at 105/105
22) Woodcraft billet stator cover (black with stainless slider)
23) Hindle full race exhaust with carbon muffler
24) Powercommander PC3R
25) Pair valve removed
26) TRE
27) 750 short stacks
28) K&N air filter
29) Lightech frame sliders
30) Lochart tinted speedscreen
31) Mototeck gauge face plate
32) Suzuki gel seat
33) carbon fiber front fender with gold vents
34) carbon fiber tire hugger with gold vents
35) Mototeck undertail with led brake lights and directionals
36) HID headlights
37) Lochart flush mount front directionals
38) Vortex black hard anodized rear sprocket
39) AFAM X-ring 530 chain

For the past week my 1k was at GMD Computrack for a frame measurement as well as a full chasis geometry setup, now thats its back im taking it apart to send the frame, swingarm, subframe, and rear passenger peg brackets out to be powdercoated gloss black.

since the motor is gonna be out of the frame im also doing a 3mm big bore. buying KWS milled JE 3mm big bore pistons, Carillo Hbeam rods, billet clutch basket, yoyodyne slipper clutch, modified 3mm stock head gasket, and all gaskets for the motor from [email protected]

cant wait for spring to ride it

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silversv1k said:
lightly modded my ass youve got more
in that thing than most people do in decking out high hp cars that thing is gonna be a beast once you get that 3mm overbore kit in, will be awaiting pics :popcorn
hmm $46,000 over the cost of the bike is alot now a days who knew

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silversv1k said:
damn :dropjaw do you ever regret it and not just buying another bike? or dont you have another bike? i forget but i remember reading somewhere that you had 2 bikes, maybe im just
I have 2, one extreme street bike and a gsxr 600 race bike

I've never regretted modding my 1k at all its my baby
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